Oh, the twisted stories to come.

almost not there just yet.

the right set

A comic comes to a balanced placement on a page. when your find the placement you forget the harder work. which makes feel like it should of been more. while there is content on the page.

for this piece we see a small drawing of: A Skelton walking away form a boat saying I told her help was coming.

For the second piece we see a small drawing of: a dolphin having a eel snack. granted the draws would suggest they have a history where the eel is a Welch when the check comes. some friends are that way.

For the third piece on the table. We see a small drawing: that was a knight saving someone from a dragon.

While the table has those three set out for one to buy. A costumer trying to wake Cohen from his sleep to buy a piece from him. Though he only has tunnel vison for the piece he is working on. While this is going, a flower is growing. to explain the bottom left corner of the drawing.

The top left of the corner of the drawing. Was a easy one point prospective drawing. It was hoped to make on feel like they where falling in to the picture. On a second level for this it was make a person feel like they do at work when the tunnel vison hits and become one with the work. and that small moment of oh right I’ m here flies by the eyes like a screen saver.

the Right of the Page a drawing inspired by a photo that was on NPR news site. the story that was read that day has faded form the mind. The photo was taking form a high point of a climb. you get to see rolling fog over the land. making look like your beyond the clouds. Using that setting to connect back to the first draws done on the right side of the page. Some of the elements are add to the drawing. but it is all to show a path being walked by a person.

This Drawing was made on the 18 AUG 2022. away-ink posted it on opensea.io/away-ink. while there will be free hand work posted there the comic well be posted here.

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