Oh, the twisted stories to come.

The since is abused

While the wheel wanted to say this is the way. The shaping of the comic is still play with, it leaves the panels of the comic feeling like they do not be long to each other but they should. What was the cause of this going wrong. was it try make it all fit to a single point or something else.

the sixth time the title that becomes away forward ink the path on 19 AUG 2022

The comic start unfold here and the charters rolls are being set and the pieces kind feels joined to past five. The connection of the side art is there is some way, though it disconnects the story. Like a movie just going some where else with a scenes jump. Though the other pieces had a feeling of climbing up. This sharp change here would make one wonder, to what the mind was thinking.

Or was it a clue to what we see going on in the bottom left of the comic. the enjoyment of the artist jumping into the space. his mind see the world as more and unfilled to the new path that lay before him. As a few pieces where done behind him of the news form the day. while the two left one going okay seen it. The first a replacement to the obey sign with I’m back instead and a person looking at a building shaped like a up side down t, while yelling huge to the people you can’t see or just him self.

while in the top left of the comic a point of prospective is used. that seemed to pull the other parts of the work. while the panels feel and look okay the one point almost kills the piece. by give it a feeling of the parts falling in on each other. like the world is being pulled away. for the part of the drawing it a good thing cause workers taking a break makes it feel odd if there is a person going some where.

With all that we fully step back to see the picture in a new way. The ties of the art of a world going down a tunnel with the work, we are doing. In this way the point used in the one. That became the all, makes the art open more like a flower blooming. Only when you see what is there does that take place. the little things makes a mind grow and knowing they have a reason.

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  1. Great story can’t wait for the next post🤩

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