Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away forward ink the path posted in AUG of 2022

11 AUG 2022

The first day of a new job. Setting out to be on his own, and having fun doing it. Though it makes friend roll their eyes.

12 AUG 2022;

a small change to the day has made a world of difference. and things seem new and a bit of a adventure.

16 AUG 2022

a new job for one and new job for the other. the world is moving forward and changing to what is coming


the dreaming as be gone. The world is set to be explored. while the others work harder the clam of the storm set the mind to easy.


The day as arrived and the one whom took the clam as a easy setting is now play caught up to the work. like others going down the tunnel vison of the work.


the tunnel becomes fun and the growth for the work is being enjoyed


a hot selling day and the weather beating down the friends still come around.


he worked the night though making ready after the big sell day be for the weekend.


setting the table for the day and getting a food order brought to by a friend. good times.


table is set. but a fly becomes the swat team to take you away form your thinking and costumer that becomes a friend happens to stop by.


a talk about work. and stay at place helping him sell the art work in a good way.


the table has a good set up and thing are settling in and the work still a fun thing.


waking to the stories and the world the lines twist too.


A set up as taking root and the comic is born.


The visitors to the table come and go and judge the work for them self. can leave a lost feeling to some or a hunger more.


the stories we all can tell.

If you would like a better brake down of the stories posted here watch “learning to set up a comic” the art the thinking and what was hoped to come across with the work is explained in better detailed. a few there now that have a couple of stumbles till they become a brake down.

for the free hand work done by away-ink visit opensea.io/away-ink

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