Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Post for SEP. 2022

top left of the comic; Things seem the same today, wonder why?; bottom left of the comic; order of 2; costumer So bad, that art can not be traded like a NFT. Make art better career right. Cohen: Is it sad I agree with that
top left conversation; shadow one: Sir your plan is starting to fail.; Sir: I get buyers and fly to joy; bottom left conversations; Cohen (thinking): Okay; Tony: still 5 for a picture. Customer: your sing? Tony: Before inflation Customer: OH, sorry.
Top left; Shadow: The puffy coat look. Is a look you like.; Sir: This. Why I turned the desk.; Shadow: I thought it looked different.; Tony [ HOL is just got overlooked] Cohen [They cleaned the fly guts on the wall] Tony [ I did that since you came up with the fly blowing it self up as the cause]; Cohen: I need a new ruler.
Top left conversations Manger: The customers form outside of our employees have complaints, but not from the employees.; Sir: AH, no problems then good.; Cashier: Five for the coffee please. Costumer: is it because I’m not employed here? Cashier: short answer yes; bottom left Cohen say bye and thank you to the queen.
Top left conversations; person1: You hear about the store being rob just a bit ago person2: I didn’t hear that one. I see we got new counters must of been on sale. Cause people throw them out. Bottom left Cohen(thinking): kind of my fault but had a story made me laugh. person2(explaining the day to the person behind)
Top left Board shadow: Taking stock then the company. This being called we not us. by board it let’s us buy the company slow and keep the name; Sir: Love the power tint windows. Bottom left Hat guy: Hey there Cohen. Like the flower you got growing there. Cohen: Yeah, that flower seems to change everyday. Hat Guy: That makes the location pick a more of a no brainer. Cohen: Right, So what you got for me. Hat wise out side the huckleberry look.
Top left Sir: look the trade for jack toe and jack run slow take over too Ominrun needs to just happen start a closing sale today. Before the employees start making money; Bottom right Jean: You get a new hat Cohen?; Cohen: Yeah, The panama was my choice, But it’s a flagged product cause of the J6; Jean: Oh wonder if the cowboy boot being slammed at them will make them flagged.; Cohen: Well the code tracker can be a big over reach in power in some cases but not all.

Top left of the Sir: We tried the nice way. Time for the Boss way; Bottom left Cohen: Nice look jean get to you; Tony: Yeah, A good look for work. BTW the hall of luck is just right. Get attention, but no hate or uproar.; Cohen Awesome, next will be a fly rat taking over a island. Just got to figure out the layout.: Tony: Alright here is the coffee.

Top left Sir: you’s the boss I’m that boss You’s dat boss I’m that boss I run I run this shit like a boss…. Need a ad campaign for Ominrun.; Tony: Well then, so yup, home it is.; Bottom left Tony( explaining his day): So that is the need to be public.; Cohen: SO why would that be of worth to me?;Tony: Well, with the scam spam ads. That’s a worth of mouth. the vender will get $500 a month.; Cohen: Okay
Top left Tony[so know I switched out the cards]; Bottom left Cohen[Okay]
Top left Shadow: What is the plan moving forward? The online is the focus not a brand mortar for Ominrun, is complained and no power point.; Shadow2: But you can play with the power windows.; Bottom left Cohen: Hi Jane, A bit dressed up today.; Jane: Fashion week is near so yes. Btw I need a happy escape card?; Cohen: Okay, I got a few Ready Is this a good one for you(hands a card); Jane: (thinks a moment) This one is prefect
Top Left Worker: Oh my God sleepy chicken night!!!{ Cohen[Hate the sign takeover BTW]} Tony[figured you would feel that way. when I was setting up]; Bottom left {}text to tony. Person (thinking): I need a card for that. Where can I get one.;
Texting{Cohen[what you want from the store?] Tony[why are you at my work place] Cohen[I need to feel the lost and it was close to my booth] Tony[ Okay, you found that much. How about the rat island hiding here?] Cohen[NO]}
Top left Shadow: A recall on an cup cause it might break. To get coverage in the news?; Sir: that might be to much; Bottom Left Texting{ Tony[ why is john j. song act out over the person you talked to in the store say some thing happened 40 years ago] Cohen[not sure]} Customer: I see your doing ads now.; Cohen: Yes, Helps keep the price down.; Customer: Nice, so your doing it to keep cheap. ; Cohen: Yeah What can I draw for you today

Top left { Shadow[Sir delete after reading. The metal and the last safe to the trade being moved now]} ; Bottom left Cohen: Thank you for bring that down.; Tony: Welcome, your still looking rough.; Cohen: Yeah, Still feeling my night out. hoping it didn’t show.; Tony: Well it does

Top left Shadow: As we move all the pieces that are needed to move. It may seem like a jammed freeway. the patch work may be revised inventory and seem a taped up box. But Things well get better. ; Bottom left Tony(tell the speech to Cohen); Cohen: Wow.! Sorry your vibe form the story is strong.; Tony: Yeah, Well working life sicks and you told me that.
Top left {Tony[I miss Apr or home equity. But They are a own thing. Anymore now we grow diamonds see.]}; Cohen: World phone world quite for now phone
Top Left Sir: What are the numbers? ; Shadow: 21 down, but 500 up, 960,000 shares of OJ bought and also prep “let go” of the one is so set for a easy land.; Bottom left Customer: Why your off in space?; Cohen: Yes, Lot going on up there 3 are leaving and they saved a planet. already to burst.
Top left coworker1: If you just delete the text is gone?; Coworker2: No. Yes it depends. How much you or someone want the text to be found.; Coworker1: Well, It’s company profits shouldn’t matter.; cowork2: Yeah not like a governors text. Have you Seen the cartoon card about?; Coworker1: Yeah cute so far. Tony hiding to the side: Good to know; Bottom left customer: Odd, You stressed out today Cohen?; Cohen: Yeah how did you now that?; Customer: Dog is giving you a worried look.; Cohen That’s good to know.

AS the art work for the first two months is posted here now. It will be on a slow catch up to them all in learning the comic. A good brake down of the art work. As the stripe moves forward from here the post will be a more constant posting. Thank you for reading and to see freehand work visit opensea.io/away-ink

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