Oh, the twisted stories to come.

The first to post

When the comic was first writing it was after a lot of stumbles and learning to draw better in all. Starting a NFT page to trying to learn the best fit for a token. Became a great way to find Away forward ink the path and the people that would come to hold in the world. the first two being Cory Hen And Tony Edge. and the long path walking on the side.

Cohen: Got a chip can stuck on my hand

Tony: How do you even get out of bed with out getting hurt

bombs dropping is on the left hand side of the table and right side of the table a man looking at a box saying about to fit me

a sign in the background say art $2 dollars no more then that.

The set up was a easy follow. Believing this was a good NFT set to change and make adjustments to. How little was know at this point, of what the set up would become and how fast it would need to grow and change into what it is becoming. Believing the easy nature would allow a few mistakes and let more to be learned. Has lead away forward ink the path do jus that a path of ink form page to page drawn almost everyday take shape and form into a comic style hope to run off and become even more.

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