Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Stepping in into…


Cohen: Sure I still haven’t pack it all up

Customer: still have a few out

Tony: Good Cokens is still here

image on the street “As you go outside remember there are bugs out there not here work inspired”

The piece of work done here is a piece is a step in the world. the news is still used to be in the back round of the comic that starting take root. The spotted lanternfly is a big story in the news and something outside the normal.

The Spotted Lantern Fly is an invasive species indigenous to China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam that is currently plaguing areas all across the eastern seaboard and in many Pennsylvania counties particularly. 

These highly destructive insects were first discovered in the United States in September of 2014 in Berks County in the southeastern part of the state, and this year populations have exploded, with reports of sightings jumping 147% statewide since last winter. There have been confirmed cases in Allegheny and Beaver Counties, Swissvale, Avalon and some Pittsburgh neighborhoods as well.

which lead to a easy joke of work has no bugs, with a hope to send people look in to them. but going forward I would find stories here there. so they show up with a passing comment or as part of the drawings.

Tony can be said to not say the name of Cohen. at first the lean for Cohen was Coken to play on the word Tokens as this was a play on NFT and the T does stand for Token.

To the right the world snaps back to the front porch. The world ready to be explored aging. Theme of the drawings going forward. A small space explaining to more. Then one can see if the others, are not accounted as a part of the one. granted getting loss in the new is easy. The shinning in the new is form the pass. even if the past had space to travel to the current.

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