Oh, the twisted stories to come.

25 OCT 2022

Top left

Coworker: Liking the hoodie today, Tony.

Tony: Thank you got it up the street form Cohen’s booth.

Coworker: Nice. Is he getting a full on newsstand soon or staying the table?

Tony: I think the table till a better option comes long. cause people have less to do when going to the table and he can easily change a sign. The main thing is the cost staying down. less over head less cost.

Bottom left

Customer: Way is there a sign here for tube man not balloons for the parade?

Cohen: you mean inflatable arm men floats?

Customer: yes tube men in may day.

Cohen: Oh, Well their is a short on helium with a factory fire in Russia and them conduction war.

Customer: OH. guess be better to run a fan then. be something to look into.

One response to “25 OCT 2022”

  1. Great story, I like it.

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