Oh, the twisted stories to come.

27 OCT 2022

top left

Boss shadow: I will need the papers on the Q3 reports before the end of day we fell be hind in them. We’re hope the proof of things we need to do are there.

Shadow: I will make sure to press the team. To ensure that’s done. Do we need anything else cause where missing a kitchen sink.

Boss shadow: I think a sink would be a bit much.

Bottom left

Cohen: This is two pieces I’m working on to call out the high prices for insurance company’s would mind a comment are suggestion on how they can be changed to move forward?

Customer: In the 80’s they where becoming heavily owned by the pirate company’s why the cost grow so out of wack in my view.

Cohen: privet or pirate?

Customer: I did mean to say pirate. They itemized the bills longer then a mod ester arrest records and had CVS mad cause you needed a box to carry the bill.

Cohen: (laughing) okay, but the coding of the bill is CPT a stander. Which can be found if go looking. Form that you get to challenge the cost. Like a price match at Walmart.

Customer: OH that sucks but make the second “discounted a novel” better when you heard that cause you wouldn’t know that with out education to the problem. The first is okay and you kind understand. cause is a discount plan for 40% off now a days.

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