Oh, the twisted stories to come.

A path can be clear

posted on the 22 AUG 2022


Tony: Please tell me you got some kind of sleep


A walk through town has begun and this was the set path.

When doing this work the comics that are drawn by Cohen normally come form a news story. Unlike the three futured in this piece of work. They are more a kin to past work form the NFT sets. A small walked story broad of the work so far. It lead to the set up for a story to tell. Which is a weekly run now. Keeping the story away forward ink the path to remain free. That freedom Is the fun of the story. Letting the news guide the business and the world stories that are not the major headlines play apart. for the early days of the comic. a building world is a need we mostly forget, to add slow. The slow build and pulling back form the work. Leads a new Path that gives a new voice to the world of art work. That building world is a walked path and yet the hints get loss. Not with easy if mind yourself and decide to look.

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