Oh, the twisted stories to come.

01 NOV 2022

Top left

shadow: I’m working on a report for the Omni run take over and sir it’s look like we may need to drop the name of the current company and switch to Omni and a sell of Muda will make us a better company. As the laws will block if we try under the Muda INC name. To hide do think you can make that part of the ad camping with the booth guy for the mom and pop booth. AS that’s a small company and it will devalue the name?

Bottom left

Cohen: This is a piece based on the accounts made by a reporter to figure out the misinformation spared.

Customer: Oh, that is nice. So going with a phone store why is that.

Cohen: well she did this to ethic standers of her company. So they used five phones and accounts.

Customer: Wow that’s awesome. But to the set up made more a store that has a bull reporter pit feeling to it.

Cohen: Alright.

Customer: Can you do a simple piece of a turtle being feed

Cohen: I can!

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