Oh, the twisted stories to come.

02 NOV 2022

top Left

Sir: I need the name of the person that gave the report I feel it was a white worded report, to the manger. Cause it didn’t read the same as I heard it to be. I will not have a company of hiding info to get it by. Make the ad camping of mom pop into a green sheen for the name and the company. So the change to Omni is seen as moving forward in the company. But never us those exact words. Make the wording more effected to “a hoping future”.

Shadow boss: I’ll get that done sir. Is there anything else you would like to be done?

Bottom left

Customer1: I need a card for my pop. He been a trucker for quite sometime. And hates that the idea of a self driving truck. If the owner is still with the truck. But knows it be easier then staying up.

Cohen: the best way to move thing quicker name of business game. I believe this would do the job. I did it earlier cause of a story of the diesel gas problems of with labor, those kinds of things that we’ve seen escalate over time, the natural result of economics is that that’s going to be reflected in the retail price that you and I pay.

Customer1: I think that right in the long run. Happen when supplies tightening up.

Costumer2:I think this two are the same anything that different.

Cohen: (talking to custumer1) Is there anything else I can get for you today?

Customer1: I think not thank you for the card.

Cohen: (talking to customer2) Is there a different spotting in the two.

Customer2: not so far.

so what did the customer miss…….

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