Oh, the twisted stories to come.

03 NOV 2022

Cohen: So I get to have the name Muda inc. to do as I please with it?

Shadow: that would be the deal being offered. I’ll give you the time to think that over and find if it is the way you want to go with things.

Cohen: It sounds a bit of a lop side deal in the ear.

Shadow: That would be a sound thing to say for the deal. But it would be a new thing to moving forward the work your doing.

Cohen: Well that has yet to change in the business world. Does the contract cover the in and outs and what loops can a lawyer find to drive through in the wording. Is the main question in the mind. How long do I have to make the choice.

Shadow: I would think it be about three days I can hold the boss back. Form moving on the deal to you. If like that offer I’ll make sure you have that time to be sure.

Cohen: Thanks for the time then, I’ll use it wisely.

Shadow: that is awesome. By the way the one just above the head is a nice drawing how much is it?

Cohen: That one is 4$ today.

Shadow: I think your doing great here I see pieces of your art work all over the office.

Later on stopping by the convince store under the Muda tower Cohen stood be fore the door and watched the rat tube man that was there.

Just about the size of an old wooden chief. Just flapping about and just missing the wall behind it. Tilted to the side just about arms length from the door. Enough to be noticed when walking into the store and more then enough for a person that had forgotten would jump out of their skin. So kind of waited on Tony to finish buying something. Cause the wonderment of will scare him entered the mind. He figured it would if didn’t know about it.

Walking out of the store the rat gave him a start if only for a moment. The laugh that came form Cohen was loud that it made Tony flip him off.

They walked and talked about the working day they both had. Tony regaling the water cooler talk and the place he found to hang the newest piece of the whale to be hung. It was just the small parts of the day to be covered as they walked.

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