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05 NOV 2022

Try to get the hand ready for the day was a bit of a challenge. Sitting a looking across like any other day was not working. The cart across the street was having a great day selling. So instead of staying where the energy was not to great. A short jump from the seat and walk to get a lunch bag. See why the day was so bustling on the other side. Made it would the thing need to change thinking and leave the energy behind.

But before he could get from the table a customer appeared.

Cohen: Hi there, How is your day going.

Customer: Hi there, I was told you do drawings that can make a person laugh.

Cohen: Well I Hope that means they make on filled with joy. I can do that, what do you need to be in the picture.

Customer: I would like a picture with an owl. For a helpful person I know.

Cohen: That I can do give a bit of time and I have it done. On my way to lunch so be back soon and have that done in an hour or so.

Customer: That would be awesome.

Placing the order and the guy asked Cohen about the art he does and where the thinking for the art came form. Cohen gave it a second and with a few thoughts lining up he begun a single-channel thinking line of art work he had seen form the past and the power it gave it self. And the small things of the work are what made the art a great thing. The small details of art. Like Gakige literally “dramatic pictures” was a manga style for adults. Gave a few pointers to the art work as did awesome with a kids show.

That had a hero that never had the money for foods and would battle chefs across the land to have a bit to eat. He went nearly fuzzy try to think of the name of the show. It jump to mind and made Cohen feel fuzzy, cause it couldn’t jump to mind. He stead went on to explaining that it was art that gave in a basic thinking to being a wise and funny art. So could be a hard hit to look at but an amusing to the mind. A little laugh at times. As got back to the table the feel of the emptiness from the page. That was used to losing the hand was still there. The pages he had under the table started to call out to him wanting more to do. When pulled on the idea for before jumped on it.

While the other waited to the side and became a picture he could see. The feel was form the dream of a world he only adventured into at times be the pull was becoming stronger to it.

thank you for the read

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