Oh, the twisted stories to come.

learning the comic number 9

the left

Tony: here your food, and yes form the burger spot.

Cohen: Thanks keep what was left for the run.

Didn’t bring any Trump’s, they sale

the right

path is still being laid out. The power of the comic like the path at this point are coursing to a point. At least that much is shown.

Small work

A crying women at the bed of water saying I’m done.

To focus on the draining water problem. That is here now.

A group protesting outside a building

A reference to the teachers ask for better in when comes to their work. After a hard year with the covid-19. A storm of change has come for the health scare.

A jar hold a bug

A lighting bug caught. Try to invoke the end of summer feels.

looking into this piece with fresh eyes shows the problems as well the strength of the piece. The odd way Cohen is put in to place. And the missing arm of Tony. The way the burger bag pops off the table and still is in focus to the piece. It is the mistakes that lead the path of work. Down to the table the shaking vibe it has. Shown the progress of learning to the coming pieces. The best part of work is see the problems and smiling. Not because the problem is there but because it was and as gone. It is the steps of learning that give a stronger mastery of what is desired to be achieved.

The strength in this piece comes form the setting it self. Even with the mistakes. The over all building block of the world take hold. And force their way in to the work like a bending root of a tree. They belong to the whole that is there to be seen.

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