Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 10

4 NOV 2022

Left side

Jane: That is a reason not to talk to you, and do you have a Pelosi one for the drunk hubby?

Cohen:(singing) Kill the fly. (still singing) I can(coughing to stop signing) Make one it’s an easy topic.

Small drawings

a gavel being hit with mp over the gavel. Sadly this is like a magic trick for the courts cause it was AUG. and you have a vast picking of court problems. But it is the first time the artist show the cracking from the daily reading of news.

Going further into the news comes a story where the headline reads house burns down thanks to climate change. Drawing only form that a guy tell a reporter “Got to thank climate change for the help.”

then a small drawing pointing out you can’t really see them by saying WTH.

Then first time athenaeum is showing a piece of the building world of away forward ink the path. By Cohen drawing the strike and protest he would eventually forget.

Right side

The right hand side is breathing and living path. And the confusion it can cause is still there. By showing the building and the trees and park it knows a step back is in order to see more.

The roots of the comic like last week are still there and they twist out in a way that is slim. The look of small can be come so much more. If it is decided to look. And allow it to shape the way the eye is to learn. Cause in this piece the odd parts are there. Along with the good. The table is more shaped, but not the best. To the view given an odd view. the point of view feels more outside the world then it should. Then aging the world being viewed is of ones mind. A bit of examination should be felt be the viewer. Which brings the misshaping drawing to be a good thing. We are only behind the looking glass at this point. The world is being revealed in the tenth drawing. So what is to come, and happening. Last week we took a step back in the processes for a run and only a run. To find that the roots are good.

The way of thinking of the stories is bad. Taking the breath finding a balance for the world so the daily drawing and boards return. As an on going set of stories.

after running through without thinking of the future in the grinding that will come in the daily. A good story line we be revisiting is the simple request, a building of the old. To rebuild them into an improved story. That builds the world out at the same time explaining more. It this reasoning that needs to be able to build and grow. There will be a long story line over the next few weeks and as the holidays are approaching we slow the quintains so you can have a daily dose or come at the end of the week to catch up. Hoping like the right picture the world expands for all.

Thank you for the read

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  1. Loving the story

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