Oh, the twisted stories to come.

15 NOV 2022

The two groups that had the meeting room where still there and going over the suit. The threads where be counted in the mind of Cohen. Which board the mind form the ongoing of the room. The hardest part was keeping the mind in place. When most days where normally filled with ink and allowing the mind to play. The stopping of jokes or urge to draw was hard to keep down. The lawyer team keep this form taking place. A watchful eye of the hand starting to wonder about the table. Was a given a noticing glance. If the moved keep it was a sharp tapping pen. Things that go unnoticed by others in the room, for the intend person it was out of place. Cohen was thankful the lawyers stated prior to the meeting. What would be done if this happens. It made the flow of the meeting go a lot faster. All for the simple asking what do you do when your broad, so it can be contained. 

The song of ending was warmed in the pipelines of the signer. The thread count was coming to a close. The lawyer’s mastery of law and the nibble way he bounced form the many possibilities the word provided. Guide the meeting. The team of lawyers of Muda INC. where good but they rushed the paper work. The thinking they have only Cohen to tend with. The member of the team sent was unwittingly showing why, when the two talked. With a sale pitched toned voice the boss knows. The team was under prepped cause of the co-worker that was sent.  

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