Oh, the twisted stories to come.

16 NOV 2022

As the office was left behind and the team was walk out the dark feeling was leaving.  Even if they stopped in the breakroom

Cohen: I have to thank you and ask. Is to be understood I get full control of the Muda INC. name? 

Lawyer1: Yes, the name is yours to use. Whether it be in story or anything else your choice. I would us the name for a company to boost the brand faster. On a search engine even if it’s not that helpful.  

Cohen: That is a good idea.  

Lawyer2: The ad placement on the sing has to happening more often so the payment is made it must be there on every day.  

Cohen: I will not forget it every time the sign is made. Which is in the contract if the tapping pen got me to pay attention.  

Lawyer1: Sadly, that is true. You can forget the ad sometimes but if is noticed to be gone a lot the money stops.  

Cohen: Right. 

Lawyer2: So are you tie the name to you we can help with the paper work there.  

Cohen: thank you but need to decide that.  

Lawyer1: thank for the call Mr. Hen. I’m happy know we are the law team for you.  

Cohen: That is right. 

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15 NOV 2022

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