Oh, the twisted stories to come.

18 NOV 2022

As the lawyer and Cohen parted ways Tony was still feeling out of place at the booth with a customer explaining a drawing he want to be done. Of a loin face rib cage entrapping a girl. While looking over a piece that was done by Cohen for the art street contest. That felt wrong yet right to the dealer. In a way he could not explain to Tony. The right way. So, he asked for a piece of paper. And wrote the idea in his head down.  

Cohen Walking to his booth know the day was good. The feeling he had only a year ago. Of the day being too out shine the others. When the family seat down for a meal. The meal was tradition brought back by his mother. Of a silver coin in a loaf of bread. It was forgotten by the family when they came to the new world. Cause the grandparents of his mother wanting to be a part of the new not the old. And wanting to be attached to the old mother looked for odd costumes.  

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