Oh, the twisted stories to come.

learning the comic number 11

Top left

Bailiff: do you swear to tell the truth

Witness: yes

Tony: so I was put on trail for one of your drawings that you did. Namely the one in hand. Even though it is not rude or depicting anything. The suggestion is enough to say take it down.

Bottom Left

Cohen: pleas say you got to keep the job there?

Tony: I did keep it

the small drawings

though hard tell the one close to Tony is a voting booth saying your vote is me.

The second closer to Cohen is the house being lost in crisis wave of the GOP.

The front sing is simple still.


The path is back. The power is felt by the moment taking to breathe.

The piece seen is the art still building up becoming more in the way it is built. The flash of the coming style is there. With a hand drawing the world it is not fully part of. At this point, the world is brooking into three parts for the fourth time. Show there is a difference in the views. What is need be there, Tony will not have the same view as Cohen. And that is a good thing. It allows him to see a changeable moment. And grow as a person and an artist. So like the path the step back and breathing allows growth.

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