Oh, the twisted stories to come.

22 NOV 2022

Finding the coin of good luck. Which some had on the 1st of January and some on Christmas. She read the meaning to them all and decided that it was best suited to be on thanksgiving. As the main idea to her was it was for good luck. So instead of doing the wish bone they gather around the table and take a slice of bread each. 

The first time it took place the family decided to play games and turn it in to a joke, which was aggrieving and cause problems. He smiled know that that Tony looked confused by the booth.  

Cohen: I see the day is going great. 

Tony: Not sure that is the wording need for the day going great. I would be more open to the day is going smooth and without fault so far. The best would be the flower is still growing.  

Cohen took a seat and read a note ask for an inked face drawing that ends in the middle and one that looks of an older gent that played the trumpet if he could decide what that would look like. Those he waited on doing read a person request of a story that would make the mind wonder where it had gone.  After it had been lost to the woods. Deciding the drawing. Start with a side profile of a face looking on to a person packing and being watched by an owl.  

thank you for the read and the time

watch the away forward ink the path story line

for a catch up to last week enjoy the holidays with the family

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