Oh, the twisted stories to come.

23 NOV 2022

Cohen was sitting there catching up to the work that came in. After the office visit that had his head and hand running hard. With an art show coming up. The piece he had done was no good according to a note form the dealer. It lacked something while bring something new altogether. Which made no sense too Cohen. Even if the second look it ringed true in some way. So, while sitting there choosing where to go with it. He tries the trumpet player asking for the Inked face line.  

A customer appeared and started asking some questions of Cohen’s art work. The questions seemed to be probing questions. Though the questions seemed of a person lost on thing and looking for an answer. What that answer, was the question for Cohen. Even if had to be place at the back of the mind and only answering what was being asked.  

Customer: what is a story you can tell that is change to a view.  

Cohen: Allow me to twist a tale. The twist happens on a day that seem normal to most. And not out of place to any one you ask. I was taking a train to work and the waiting for the train common. The platform would fill like any other day.  

Customer: Aren’t the small thing the best thing.  

Cohen: Well, that is a yes and no. If the life being lived is wrong, the small things become normal. If you step back to view the life you see and the view seem off. Then you may need a new answer.  

Cohen: The life that was being lead was good… Believing in the work hard thinking… I would wake and go to the train walk the stairs and head to the office. The same thing every day… The contract I had time was the company get my time for the money gave… The simplest of trades. A view that can be changed in many ways. But at the core it was only a trade.  

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