Oh, the twisted stories to come.

24 NOV 2022

Customer: I would think that, was a good thing for you to go through.  

Cohen: That can be, but the attentive mind that sees itself. Can study to find more. Allow the twisting to start aging.

So, like the days I lived, the small things become normal. If you step back to view the life you see and the view seems off. Then you may need a new answer. The life that was being led was good…

Believing in the work hard thinking… I would wake up, go to the train, walk the stairs, and head to the office. The same thing every day… The contract I had at the time. Was the company get my time for the money gave… The simplest of trades.

A view can be changed in many ways. Fitting into a box and doing the same thing aging and aging. Will leave the view limited and unyielding to change.

When traveling from the normal and the view that once brought comfort changes the mind. Leading to a lost feeling of the mind.

The days that were missed come back when you’re looking for the answer to where did it go. Comes to a pointed view when the realization comes from a simple conversion. In the box, it would have been just a white nose.

Becomes a mounting in the mind. Shying a way to not show fear. The mounting still waits, where it has grown. The white nose moment will have to be climbed. Defeated. To overcome it.

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