Oh, the twisted stories to come.

learning the comic number 12

Top left  

Shadow: I can’t blame him.  

Top left small picture of a cat holding on.  

While in the back round a guy is dancing for a video in the background while at work. 

Bottom left  

Tony’s spooking word is pictured as the top left of the comic. While telling Cohen to check the site of the guy dancing.  

Cohen: Hold on use my phone so he gets better point on the site to be found.  

Table drawings on the top of the table  

A call out of the student loan program and the pipeline being shut down. The shutdown of the pipe line being paid. For to the schooling being paid for.  Showing the easy of moving money, but what can be taking for the move. A simple look for the problems they evoke, but a sad truth in in some eyes.  

Front a drawing of two birds in flight. With the words fly free like a bird to the left side and bottom.  

Right the full power is released and the beauty that is felt can be seen.  

This is the 12th break down of the art done. In that time the lessons were used to move forward. That is becoming the set format to away-ink. That is a path for the moving forward. Cleaning up what was used to grow to grow more. 

While it would be an easy thing to call the misshaping of the shoulders of man dancing or wrong sized arms. The odd way the Shadow watching looks. It comes down to the vibe of the dancer. And it being a shadow allows the misshaping to be in place. While the co-worker leaned on a chair slightly hinted just under the head. The working piece at this point is becoming more set and a teaching tool for the way the angles work in a picture. While the small details are being built up in the bottom left of the art work. With the brick in the back ground, or the small drawings. The top is a controlled world for the most part so the dance is out of place and the co-work looking is two while the bottom is of a more freed art form. That allows the charters to feel in place yet not. While it can be picked apart, for the stumbles here. That proves one thing that was said when the art was an NFT site. The stumble we see build a better picture in the future. It was to be a NFT that grow and pushed the door open to a new thing that still has a strong beat and world that is growing to be seen. Like the title says away forward ink the path.  

Thank you for the time and the read.

NFT’s at http://opensea.io/away-ink

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