Oh, the twisted stories to come.

29 NOV 2022

Customer: that is a good poet stand. On the change of view. However, the question posed was. what is a story that changed a view? So more detail to your life what changed your view and landed you here? At this booth doing artwork by request? Was it the smiling faces seeing art? Was it the freedom to live? Why did this become the choice of job?

I feel lost cause it is the end of schooling and the days need to be filled. I’m questioning where I find the happiness in it all.  

Cohen: Well that I, cannot just answer. For I found this when I was at home having dinner with family. It is a small moment of gift to be giving to someone during dinner. That gave me a clue of where to go. When I was not seeking the answer.

That is when things changed. In life just a small moment. That grabs and pulls, telling where thing need to be going. So, I choose this, because it is fun to me, and fills me with joy. That is what you have to find in your life. That small moment that guides. Somewhere new. 

Customer: okay 

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