Oh, the twisted stories to come.

30 NOV 2022

Customer: okay  

Cohen: Mine was a thanksgiving dinner. With the family and having a conversation about this and that. Laughing and joking about things going on. Like any other family till near the end.

Cleaning the table of the dishes. Then a gift of a pendent was gave. Happy with the gift even if was picked on. Saying “ST. Basil has put some weight being used for a thanksgiving tradition”. Where a loaf of bread made in mom’s pan. A well-shaped pan to look like a bushel of grains was on top. Then inside it a sliver coin was placed. Then leave the bread whole for one to cut, and pass out.

To the rest of the family. This was to show some of the teachings of the saint. As St. Basil would teach to look into one’s self to make yourself better. To always give to others. Simple enough. The silver coin was added for a person to get a wish if they found the coin. We would do the wish bone, but only two got to be a part of that.

This way the whole family was included. To say true, it made it fun to win. , found it that year and decided it was to do more then wish. Going to make the change. I was going to give it my all. To see growth in life. It was that thinking and that moment of a smiling face form a gift of art.

That was used as kindling for the flame. There is a simple answer to the question no life is seen If the image is not in the head. For you to want and to go get it. A thinking mind creates the want. But it is the action we take. That is the truth.

While that day was still filled with conversations that guides the thinking in mind. It is sitting at a table and having the conversation that is hard and a part of the daily life. But the conversations can teach to think more.  

Customer: So, that is an answer to things. Thank you.  

thank you for the read and time.

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