Oh, the twisted stories to come.

02 DEC 2022

As the costumer walked away form the booth. Tony took the seat beside Cohen.

Tony: I think you made a friend over that. I would think you need to write that story down. By the way here are a few request form the time way.

Cohen: (Looking down at the notes.) “It is found the piece done is a bit off for the contest. It would best to take the old and make it more then it is a rose holds power. That is true and yet needs to be updated or a new thinking for the contest would be best.”

After reading the statement out loud Cohen looked at Tony.

Cohen: did he say much else on the piece or was it kind of left to the minds eyes?

Tony: I couldn’t tell you as the conundrum in my mind when he spoke, had my minds eye lost and confused.

Cohen: So will help me line the new poster board so I can make the next piece?

Tony: Sure thing, Then I got to get up Jane’s place for clothing.

It was a small effort to line the poster up and Tony was off. Walking up the road the thinking of work took hold in the mind of a piece being moved by someone. Till a wave form Jane brought the mind back for the task. Needed to be done.

Jane: Hi there Tony. Told ya be back for the clothing. What is the need today?

Tony: Work clothing. I barely ware anything else it seems.

Jane: The loving thing of an office it bring the shadow to you.

Tony: HUH?

Jane: Life in an office cast a shadow that is shown on us in the wears we have.

Tony: Almighty, Then show me to my shadow.

Jane: I got it, with a look that blends to it. OH, hold on, I see a customer in the line and an empty chair or two. who is be paid!!?

thank you for the time and the read.

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