Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 13

05 DEC 2022

Left side

Just listen to my story Tony and allow your mind to bend lines of the word. To a will of their own a word starts with a tree over looking what wishes to take answer will be told……….

Right side

A tree branching out form the ground. While a cloud floats in the middle that looks like a turtle and one off to the side of a crowned flame with buildings behind it.

The brake down today. Is a true starting point for a tale. While you can look to see other things hidden in the image, misspellings, and odd line placement. It is those things that make the drawing even more. The balance between the scribble and hatching on the tree is the loose feel of the clouds. The technique is blending to bring a feel, to the art that is its own.

Looking at the 13th entry of the line of drawings. We find the start of a story. That when revisited down the road can be more. The techniques learned by this point show a form. From the hatching to the scribbles. The blend makes a cohesive drawing. That allows growth to be had. The art style with a pen is in full show. The smudging of the ink helps the drawing on its own. On like other drawings barely used here. To make the sky pop the rest of the drawings forward on the page. The hardest part of drawing in 2d. Here you see a pencil in the back for words. This is to measure the space needed for the words to give them a better feel. The coffee cup has graded shadow to add depth to it and a curved look. And light hand draw of a microwave.

It is those techniques that give the feel of the drawing. It shows the growth of the art by the 54th NFT. It is these little things that grow the thinking. And going back and studying the work helps build the skills. To grow more it is mis steps that show there is more there. Like anything in life sports to web building. The study of your work and others is needed to be more. Why do artists rewrite the story? To show the growth they made since the last time they did the story.

thank you for the time and the read

for a NFT


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  1. 🙂🙂🙂

  2. So interesting. I love the details on the tree and how your words flow together in harmony

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