Oh, the twisted stories to come.

06 DEC 2022

Tony barely noticed the guy that talked to Cohen, was heading to a chair to get a cut. The conversation with Cohen pushed his mind to find a path. A gift in it’s on right the mind would bend to the thinking and push a person to do more in life. That pushing mind set was there in the back of the head for Cohen. The mind released and gave life to a piece that looked of the old yet moved it to the current. The piece was appreciated and asked for more of its kind. With the canister passed off to the host of the street art contest. It is the power of words that help change. They grow in the mind’s eye to empower. The beauty that can take place.  

Cohen: I got to ask you are good at taking the eye of others to a piece I can’t, see? 

Olsen: Alright, what is the piece that your try to see? 

Cohen: a tiger that is encasing a girl 

Olsen: Well, I would watch…Hmm…Huh…Actually here take a bird in a cage and put a tiger head over it. Cause the search for a person in a cage would lead to eye raking results. Be easy guess to make. That should give you a point of contrast to work form.  

Cohen: The wonder of the netting tangled till smoothed out. That does give a mind a place to go in the work. Thank you for that.  

Thank you for the time and read.

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