Oh, the twisted stories to come.

07 DEC 2022

Olsen: May I ask why you need the guide?  

Cohen: Not be here when the request was made left it open. Not hearing the words of the person taking me on the trip of their mind left me wondering where to go.  

Olsen: That is the love of art to see the ideas that habit the world of others minds. Allow the mind to see more that was drive for the art. Listing to accounted world that others see. Can give so much more to see in the world. The careful steps in to the world and look around it to build the art they could see form their mind. A thinking mind of the world can lead to very little guessing. Cause for the most part it was a seen thing. But that which yet to be seen or built out is a lot harder to do. Allowing the building of many things to the ideas in the head.  

With a few days to the contest Cohen was still taking on works for others and build the ideas in to a small window. All to regain the look of thankfulness seen on a mother’s face. That Thanksgiving Day. The page was looking back at him he was lost in the world he had built out in the mind and allowed the hand to roam about the page and just have fun no told way nothing guiding just the art in the atheneum of images. Till Tap on the shoulder form Tony.

Thank you for the read and time.

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2 responses to “07 DEC 2022”

  1. Love the story and the movement of the characters

  2. Incredible story

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