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Learning the comic number 14

Looking at the drawing. The drawing itself says really! Like the mind. Trying to push the skill sets learned in the last drawing. Giving a disconcerting feeling to the piece. With little time to breathe and grow. Showing why the time to learn becomes harder. The imperfect step here is a great thing. It is a helping hand to learning more.  

That time and trying, are the right steps. And when we forget that. It changes things. Away-ink.com has been running a series of drawings. That is called show case the set of drawings are easy rules to follow such as a tree, a head bust, a crow, leaves, grass, water, and the sky. Reading it aloud sounds so much more. Then just drawing the picture. The three-panel setup here has its rules. Tony’s world is more perspective drawing. Cohen is the freehand drawing. And the mind is on the right-hand side.  

Tony’s first with the perspective drawing. Aligned to the left of the drawing. Being pulled far off to the left makes the lines fill the page. The water cooler is the oddest part of the drawing which holds the eye there. Others parts try to grab the eye. They do not direct the eyes as much. This becomes a helpful tool in the future it shows where holding an eye is a must. As it is the fourth drawing done this way. Even with the right shading done, on all the workers and objects. This is the growing point. To learn the thinking of the world for Tony’s world. From here it takes root and grows quickly. In the drawings after this.   

Cohen’s world is called the free hand. Still, a drawing for perspective but no ruler is used. Pick the point and draw to it. The lines are done without aid. Which trained the hand how to be the same as the guided hand. The rules of the table start taking place of what should be there and what should not. It is the small things that allow the move forward easier. And quicker to learn. But the rules can become too much. Then the world feels different and restrictive.  

The mind’s drawing is the most freedom. Include a part of the last drawing. That can be hard to see at times, but take the time and it will be seen.  

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