Oh, the twisted stories to come.

13 DEC 2022

The two cleaned up the booth and get ready to walk home.  

Tony: I guess you got loss in the art.  

Cohen: yeah, it was a good day to get loose and lost in the art. The heavy meeting earlier, the art contest is coming, the thanks given dinner we have yet to have.  

Tony: I was going to ask about that myself? Do you think the silver coin made you choose this life or did time guide you here? 

Cohen: I would say time. The coin made it easy to a why. That is the hard part of changing. The choice to do it or allow the change to happen in life. The story I tell of fire gets beyond the mind. To hit at the heart in a way. Cause that is what needs to change the heart, not the mind. The heart is set in stone. The mind is changed with a breeze. Worst than that it can get stuck on repeat.  

Tony: I see so the coin was a token not a wish.  

Cohen: when the token is used as an adjective, yes. More a memento, for motivation, for the dream. As the coin did service the eyes. That a prize is there.  

Thank you for the time and the read.

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