Oh, the twisted stories to come.

14 DEC 2022

Cohen: Like the art contest last year. I guess you have to say it was a contest I should have won. Looking back on it. The stage was small and the contestant that won was a good artist that was still in the development a style. The thinking of the piece was there. The first was the one that brought the contestant the win as the details were good, the objectionable of the piece.

That was the lighting rod that made one talk. Kind of like the origins of the topic, messed up. The second was a try at making art of someone else, that work didn’t work. Using a reference to draw from a drawing changed the energy. But the one done after reading was the better.

It had a statement that made one want to know more. That is part of art that is confusion to some. The emptiness of a piece or fullness of a piece. Are not the matter it’s the energy.

Tony: that is easy to see. Cohen, as the art you were doing when I came to the table was much better than the poster I’m guessing you gave to Olsen. That was to bring the new forward to the jaded. The one you were working on was something else.

Thank you for the time and the read.

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