Oh, the twisted stories to come.

learning the comic number 15

When looking back at this piece. The artwork is more than thinking. This is a hand that becomes more trained and tamed to the world. Being the 56th piece done. And still in AUG. less than 20 from the first that was done. The growth that is taking place is a lot. One top left the conversation for a lunch order in place for any normal day at work. The workers are busy with the work they need to do. And someone asks if they like to place an order. While they still work. Of course, a joke of the media is there by saying crudities. The news was heavy with them at the time cause of candidates that were running it PA.

In the bottom left we see A woman looking over the work done by Cohen while stating he is a street artist. When he asks for 3 dollars for the piece of work. What was being read can be barely made out. Most likely a chip reference in the bank cards. Around that time they were stories of them being used in a new way. The board that sits in the front of the table. Has boat that was molded too like an Asian home, but most thought it look more like a volcano.

While the two are appointed to their worlds. They start feeling like they belong there. The artwork form here will change at a high pace. With the hand becoming, more steady in the work. And the tricks being learned from that. It will become easier to grow.

Thank you for the time and the read.

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