Oh, the twisted stories to come.

20 DEC 2022

The words form Tony bored in to the mind and gave a guessing mind the encouragement to go and change the introduction to the contest or better yet add to the introduction. Like the last contestant. Soft hit then a power hit to the viewer. Might of been the trick he used to win.

But that was something he could only guess. The lined walls of the ally way were covered in art framed, which had the walls looking alive. Olsen was telling workers where to go and what to hang and where.

Cohen: Olsen, I would not be in posing? If I offered a new piece to go with the other?

Olsen: I would say…no you got to move it down by three inches. Unless the statement is lost due to a neck bending to much…No the second part is welcome. I have empty space in the wall as someone dropped out after seeing the first piece.

Cohen: That is a winning statement for me. I believe the work I did after you left was even better. Hold the mind more.

Olsen: I believe, the smudging effects in the first one are the strongest part of it. Giving a time-wrapped feeling. Granted the song, would not play for a dance. But the feel is there. Allow the new vision to be opened.

OH! The viewing may play in favor. For a power hit to get a vote.

Cohen: I would guess that was part of winning thinking for last year. A soft blow then a hard hit. Thinking the vote was going to be a better artist.

Olsen: I believe you have a family dinner and that was turning point last year to start the journey. Let’s see if the mother’s tradition though wrong holds the power aging for you.

Thank you for the time and the read.

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