Oh, the twisted stories to come.

21 DEC 2022

The return to work and the commonplace feeling, it can bring. Are a recipe for bad things to take place. A conversation is taken over by a simple question. Leaving a hazy image in the mind. It was a peeking glance into a person’s mind.

A small one that a person needed to give. For the piece to become more. Then ink and paper. This of course is a tunneled view. leaves the artwork itself depending on the viewer. Where the right hints placed in the piece. To ensnare the mind. The right things to evoke the memory they wished Upon. With the viewer that allowed the peek. Of course, the hardest part for a person is opening the mind to someone. The falling of a wall in a way.

Just having the conversation sometimes allows so much. A kindling feeling to the pieced asked for. The energy that is felt. Is a lifting one. Instead of a piece of art that has hints in the wrong way. Leaving the mind, drifted and unconnected. The artwork is not lost. It will find a connection elsewhere, catching a mind in a way unseen to the other. 

Thank you for the time and the read.

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