Oh, the twisted stories to come.

learning the comic number 16

The broad breakdown here is a fun way to review the work done but in the traversing of the files. Hard to notice the work. The photos are easily scrolled right by. When the first NFT was a full-page piece, on a 10” by 7” piece of paper.

To the current page that is 11” by 14”. that holds 12 drawings brooking into panels. It was a format that was found in doing the work of “away forward ink the path.”  

the piece being brooking today is the 16th and the three panels being to shine of their own. The prospective world the Tony in habits. Is adjusted well to the point of prospective. Though the confused lay out of his walk to work leaves the mind guessing where to look if the point is lost.  

While the bottom is a bit out of place for Cohen’s world. Taking too much space and leaves the hand try to fill in the gap that is left. This fills in of the gap leads to the broader thinking. The small drawings can be made out and read. The shirking of the work started most likely here. But wouldn’t take a full hold till a later in the work. Here in the small drawings a zombie cell inspector shows up late to work and an empty coffin. While a rabbit reads a book that tales no lies. All the while the horse man is awaiting work to show up.  

The prospective line goes all maverick gives a good feel to the booth in away. The wall kind of takes it back. The fight in this part is odd feeling. The edge of the building is shown here. It is this stilted look that guides. To say the least. When the next piece is done a leaning form, this happens given more room to the mind part. That seems to point that it needs more space to do things the right way.  

The shadows are placed neatly this time with more controlled technicians. The demands of the work are starting to fade. The feeling of the piece is calming to the eye. Yet can hold the attention for more than a second. The hopes of the artist of any kind. A picture that captives a person and engages the mind. 

Thank as always, for the time and read.

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