Oh, the twisted stories to come.

27 DEC 2022

When Tony got back to work, the office just felt the same. Just walk in and everything to the throwing of a paper towel was in the right place. Conversations for data sheets didn’t seem to be much. It was par for the course of work. Making the work Cohen did seem exciting.

Even though the shared thinking was there. He was passing work to Olsen for the art contest or setting a board for the booth to run.  All the work was the same. To those tasked in them.

The dinner with family was a win. This made Tony walk with an air of pride. The steps towards the desk caught the Boss’s eye. While returning to the desk.  

Shadow Boss: I see your light on the feet. What would have you bouncing about in that way? 

Tony: I won the family dinner this year. 

Shadow Boss: What, does that mean? 

He went on to explain the family dinner. To the shadow Boss while he was at the cube. It kind of felt like the words were stolen from Cohen just a bit. It was a lot less fire to move beyond the mind. Just enough to keep a mind interested. A commonplace conversation at work. Like the towel bin in the right spot. 

Thank you for the time and read.

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