Oh, the twisted stories to come.

01 JAN 2023

Cohen: So, what have you been up since dinner, sis?  

Sis: Well, after being at Jane’s shop I decide to try Vacation planning. 

Cohen: Really, why is that? 

Sis: Well, when was the last time you got way? 

Cohen: Waiter, waiter! 

Sis: See, avoid the problem. Maybe a few pieces are this way? 

Cohen: I just wanted food. 

Cohen: When, given the thought. It has been sometime since I left for a bit or even thought of a trip.  

Sis: Great, now that you admit the problem, it will and can be fixed. So, stop by the office.  

Cohen: Wait a second. Was that a sales pitch? I was the test dummy for? Wow, a little low.  

Sis: Yes, but you forgot the food. And the contest while I did the pitch. So, you may need a trip. 

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