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Learning the comic number 17

We find the 17th entry to the world and this one is a little more fun relaxed and feels the right way. The growth from the first and the battling of the wheel is appreciated for what it is. The comedy of the work so far has been more hidden than in this piece. Two remarks take over the talking. The world of Tony has two shadow bosses walking the aisle of the office space saying things feel the same. With a built one-point prospective drawing that pulls the world tightly together. It can be said that kind viewing leads things to a pointed place and time. Which is the world that is being used. While the free-handed world is drawing a bigger space and a growing world. The first time we see the cart vendor in the background of the art. While a conversation about NFT vs art is overheard by Cohen crouching under a table to get things from a box. The three drawings that can be seen bring the real world in a bit. The relentless news coverage of the capital. The failing NFT markets as it would bear in the artwork and planning a new path forward. A depicted T intersection a reference of a few choices can lead things the wrong way. The minor notes being maybe here ring true in a way. The setup here becomes the formatting of the path. Till we see the cart vendor aging. The piece was done after taking time away from the work. Teaching most artists can say. Step back and look to see if work has gone too far one way or the other. Maybe the work being done will guide to a new vision of the world being made. As the disconnected nature of the mind finds a grounding look. The doorway that could barely be seen last week is the key point this time. As a figure walks away. Key features in the future of the mind’s path can be seen. While a remake of the trees is there.  

Thank you for the time and the read.

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