Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away forward ink the path: 07 JAN 2023

The mind of Cohen was setting to a new track of thinking. Since the morning started the mind was in slow motion. The calming sound of the train clacking through the tunnel over the timeless track allowed the setting to bring an effortless thinking of a dream state. As the train rolled along it was the simplest of things to bring peace. It was only last night and the gripping thinking of the mind.

Was the loss at the show?. The world of Cohen’s thinking had been lost. The dreams he was having. At times left him feeling perplexed and its thoughts became a morphed crying face in the corner of the mind. While the body played about. This of course leaves a heavy feeling to everything. That is or was done.

The work today was feeling the same as a few days. The customers were bustling to and from the table. When leaving to Burger spot. Being in line there, with the grumpy attitude. Had a cost to it that was unseen. The phone conversation was quick. In all the mind had a vibe leaving things to feel odd. Misshaping and out of place. 

Thank you for the time and the read.

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