Oh, the twisted stories to come.

away forward ink the path: 08 JAN 2023

Coming to the entry of the park brought forth a tree. Into view that still held its leaves though they were turning to the color of the bark. The emptiness of the trees was not there, but Cohen felt as though he was seen through. The way of thinking about the park made it feel odd. The foliage in the planter made him think even deeper. The planning that is needed to make the garden. Execution the right way. It’s plan, mapping, staging, and done.

The stairway seen in the mind would come back to hunt a dream in some way. Because seeing the real change the view. While the walk Tony was on the other side of the park. The fight for the trees was just about lost. The leaves had become the branches… As he walked to meet with Cohen in the park. The random shift of energy gave an aura to the air. Like the plants, not a strong pace but a steady one. So, thinking of the conversation to come, and a conversation from work, left an odd feeling. But finding Cohen drawing on a bench. Was a relief to the mind.  

Cohen: The clock is punched well for work.  

Tony: I get one hour, what do you want to talk about? 

Cohen: Are, thing okay at work?  

Tony: Yes… and, no. The parts of work that are at play. Feel kind of wrong. So, thinking of the play needed. When returning to work. 

Cohen: Oh, anything I can help with?  

Tony: Not really let me twist the thinking so not to spill anything out that is not needed to spill. 

Cohen: Alright, BTW this is to repay for the day yesterday.  

Tony: you paid me.  

Cohen: Right a full belly, is worth more than that. 

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