Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away forward ink the path: 09 JAN 2023

In the last hour, Tony and Cohen had become stanchion in their place, deep into a conversation, on the bench. That covers the dreams that Cohen fluently has been having, leaving the mind wondering if it was, seen, used, or not? That seemed to have a storyline at times. The images that ran in the dreams leaving the mind perplexed. To what had been seen, or what was real, or was it just a dream? Sis was trying to sell a trip and then the lost at the art show. It made time feel like a crawling slug with no slime. All the complaining of the mind was released on Tony. Who just took attentiveness to the words. Not out to catch them all because most were not worth the effort to do so.

While a voluminous story of work was told to Cohen. repaying the kindness that was received for the mental release. So, like the frozen duck to sand. The story was a heavy lift to keep the players where they need to be. The shadows at work, where making moves. The work being done lately seemed to cover up. Tech moves and aliening to new laws, where the data point is being entered. In an effort to reline rolls. The company was going to slim down and bulk up at the same time. The vision of the boss, but looking down to a watch. Time had expired. The story was cut short. Tony did not want to be late. Walking away left a blankness to things in mind. The path forward was a choice. It would need to be carefully planned and staged. Not a lost mind trying to rebuild where the fragments landed. 

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