Oh, the twisted stories to come.

learning the comic number 18

The 18th entry. The work for today is a lot closer than the normal break down that are done. As the story to tell line had a lot of work poured into it. The starting point being the way the layers of the pieces were made form pencil to pen to marker. The build out was fun.

But this brought a practiced skill back to mind. The technician of gesture drawing. Making a quick drawing of the body. Finding the body’s movement with little time. That skill was kind of positioned to the side of the mind. When it was used the art style to was given a new level. This made a notice of declining work seen. When it had to be pushed in on. For the work to be split apart. The one becomes the six. With the help of Kirta. The content bug made it hard to see. Till we had to redo the work, that was done. The workout for the posting from then to today where an arduous lift of work. Fragments of the work were carefully shifted a lined and gone through with a fine-tooth comb. As the work done was good but no writing of the words made the lift hard. Try to go backward to find the logic or reason for the drawing. But as always said step back and breathe. Sitting and reading a book covering the work of Charles M. Schulz gave a clue about where to go to fix the madness of the mind. A tool rarely used in rough drafted work. Kind of like gesture drawing madness first, coherence second, and present. To the fans of the site thank you all for allowing the madness hopefully it was brought back to a coherency for the reading. Going forward it is a year to look at the term balance. Finding the workload to be more is easy. But giving it a balance at first can be hard to do.  

Thank you for the time and the read.

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