Oh, the twisted stories to come.

away forward ink the path: 10 Jan 2023

Shadow boss: I need the lineament to sound better and look like mass hire after the firing to push the needle of what is going on when Omni run goes live the data entry team will be no more and will be know as the input science team.

Shadow: I draw the enter from to make it done.

Co- worker: so at the water cooler I got to over hear a conversation about data entry team. And the new titled that goes for data to input-er. From how I under stood.

Tony: Well, then that sounds fun.

Cohen: I got this piece when doing my keyword search for a firefighter. Came across the article about a firefighter saving duck, duck, goose. Frozen to sand. Thought it was a cool thing so made the basic piece on it.

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  1. 🤔how will it unfold

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