Oh, the twisted stories to come.

away forward ink the path: 13 JAN 2023

Even with the changing of the world, there are a few trying to fight. Taking part in the old. No matter the vine attempt they are making to do so. It was just par for the course to do it that way.  It is a small thing that changes and other give way to the change they didn’t notice. A game to the mind not knowing it’s playing.

Customer: I’m building a tree house idea out of the head. And would love a card that encompasses that in the art with no words. Cause I have yet to decide on the words. So, can they be added later? 

Cohen: That would be easy to do.  

Customer: Thank you, see you in a few to pick it up. 

Cohen: Should of ask where the art was to be front or inside. Like the teacher always said I forget the little ask that is big.  

Thank you for the time and the read.

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