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Away forward ink the path: 16 JAN 2023

Finding of a change is easy. It is the small things that bring them forward. It can be a simple thing at that.  listing to a conversation. It can be a means to finding the change in the mind. Even when a few things are steps well-known. Because it was a step from normal comprehension. It’s finding spaces the mind knows, and allowing the space to be remade. This sounds simple to understand, but rare to see it at work. 

Boss: Tony, I see your desk is barely full. 

Tony: I would think you, are about to hand me a note or data entry forms to enter. 

Boss: Well, not having to talk and giving the import work to the lucky guy is a must. That’s just good thinking. 

Tony: Awesome, the luck is winning the vision of a better spot in the company.  

Customer 1: well, you see the thing about finding your way is that you need to see yourself making the change not see yourself falling from the change.  

Customer 2: The interface to the world is not that easy, as the person is unseen. The person we see in the mirrors on the wall. Are from the past not the now. As we are always removed from the view everyone else sees. The now that is seen in their eyes is not now, we see.  

Customer 1: The path is a winding thing. So, that which was seen is importing to the moves made. But it’s understanding the move needed for the right leaps, to be made. 

Customer 2: Then, this is to say. The thinking being posed is that the past shapes the future? 

Customer 1: Only if you go to find the door you once opened.  

Thank you for the time and the read.

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