Oh, the twisted stories to come.

learning the comic number 19

The piece we are covering today like last week in learning is going to be a bit of a rouge piece. A week to step back and look. This was not posted here as of yet. It was on the NFT page for a bit. Then it became a t-shirt. The work was for labor day. A small conversation boards the piece. saying “What was the message you were to get across?” That is answered with “The madness of the labor we can’t pull away from. The beauty we lose further that we get lost in form the labor.” It’s going back and seeing the small missed steps that provide a smile. The madness that conveys in the writing is there. The shakiness of the pen strokes when looking at the words. The incomplete feeling of the work outside of the frame. The brush feels different at the tip and slowly changes as it goes beyond the framing itself. Inside the frame how ever. The confidence is there in the markings. The choices of the world that was to be. Want to be. A happy over watcher to the thicket. Others dance in the background most likely chirping while they work. While others perch for a moment and rest on the branches. This leaves the question if the bird is speaking for the artist of the piece. As the bird is removed from the forming thicket of the woods to look at what is.

Thank you for the time and the read.

follow the bird he knows more.

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