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Learning the comic number 20

19th of the entries on the NFT page. A weary hand takes to the page. It is the laziness of the mussels that is the fun part. The perspectives pushed too far out the flashing of how the world will shrink from a 10 by 8-inch to a 5 by 4-inch world. In Tony’s world, the shadows are having conversations. Of things to come and what the plan needs are. Words are placed on a wall. Giving it grifted look. A slight edginess to the gritty feel. This is kind? of a good thing. It’s alive in a way that is confusing to the eye. And hides other things. That is found when looking in the background. Either world that’s of Tony’s or Cohen’s. It’s these small details that give the layout of the world for later. While the piece is a miss step from the last few. That gives a charming feel to it. The thinking at this point was to stumble about and let the hand and mind go free, when the work is being done, just adding to the build-up of wonderment with work being done. This piece helped it breathe more life into the world of the mind. That is shown quite a bit. The cloaked figure walked out to a hilltop view. This shows a world to come, unlike the last time when it left a room that was a focus room. It’s now overlooking a hilltop. The parts are at play with a hand trying to keep, but this was the stumble. To build and open a world of thinking and show the building blocks. Then finding what the small drawing on the table is depicting. An exchange of power for less wall space. A call out to the power swap with Mexico. And the pencil conversation. Call to the rising prices we still see going on. The world is a growing space, but things can still be found.

Thank you for the time and the read.

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