Oh, the twisted stories to come.

learning the comic number 21

A look at the 20th entry. It recalls the 19th entry. Because it was the first time it called the last one out. They tie together really well. The words are mainly the call out, the three entries before this. The focus has shifted. The news is only a back round part. The charters flash as the point of the world. The differences were seen in the other entries. The looks can be traced to the others. A little here and there. Tony’s ever-changing face is missing in this entry. Given the shadows of the office time to play. The two bosses walk along and hold a conversation. These worlds now seem to have comfort in the drawings. Giving a voice to the voiceless feels right at this point. Be it guided, not guided, or without thinking. The growing in style and look, planning around this time. Look to the last one, then the news, and go. This thinking allowed the world to build and become. The effect is likely due to the inked face line of NFTs placed on Opensea. That work helps the artwork to a new point. The skills have matured over the last 20 entries and have a long way to meet the current. But the grounding of the drawing skills started to take place, adding the texting conversation between Cohen and Tony. Talks between the bosses. Eat up the space in the drawing. The work now has a lot to say, unlike the quick conversations till this point. It becomes an ever-growing part of the entries to come. The habits are built into the work done. The skill set is growing this way. The practice of looking one back, news, and going, is no longer used. Now it’s looking to the world of “away forward ink the path” to build the new and see where the storylines can grow. The teaching of the old can be teaching for the new.

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