Oh, the twisted stories to come.

learning the comic number 22

Here the eye gets a little more to the top left world. A split panel look, where the shadows are still at play. Allow the hand to practice the skills it will need going forward. A store in the office building. That will be a feature of the drawings. A new piece to the ever-growing world of “away forward ink the path.”  It was not a planned move. Sometimes those pieces can show a different way to be guided by the work. This helps the learning of the growing the bitty detail.  drawing the counter space with a display in front of it. This will be more at play to the right side, but going it will find a way of taking root in the rest of the pieces. Like the bottom left world of Cohen’s, small drawings take a back seat with simple forms and buy chips. As this was around the time the Queen of England passed away. Cohen gives a bye now and thank you.  

While this piece looks simple, the art’s growing style is there. Over the next 21 pieces grow the world like this one and push the hand to a new height in work. The excising of the hand with a six-panel set to warm up. All bring the work to a new place over a month. The factor needed to move forward with any given skill set that wished to be had. Time is the factor we most summit to. Along with taking heed of what was made. 

Thank you for the time and the read.

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